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“The Balanced Plate”
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“The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia”
by Rebecca Wood - A comprehensive resource for healthy eating.
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Tag: Healthy eating tips

How to Stick with Your Healthy Eating on Vacation

Vacation destinations are generally places with historical significance, nature all around, amusements and fun. They also generally don’t run to healthy eating alternatives. So how do you stay true to your healthy eating habits and healthy lifestyle? A little forethought and preparation is all that is necessary to stay on the healthy foods bandwagon. Additionally, […]

Get Soy in your Diet with Tempeh

Tempeh for Lung Cancer: Two Recipes to Help Inhibit Malignant Growth (Guest post from Kelsey Servi) Tempeh –it’s what’s for dinner. (If you’re trying to naturally prevent lung cancer growth, that is.) In a recent 2013 article, researchers from the University of Arkansas found that soybeans with a high oleic acid content could inhibit the […]

How do you like Them Apples?!?

When apples are in season, there are a wide range of varieties to choose from. Red Delicious, Gala, and Fuji are crisp and juicy all by themselves. For baking, a nice balance of sweet and tart flavors can be made by combining Rome Beauties with Granny Smiths. For use in soups and sauces, the softer […]

Storing Fresh Herbs – A Garden in Your Fridge

Nothing is worse than buying a fresh bunch of herbs and the only getting to a little amount one time before they go bad. Say goodbye to that black, soggy lump of cilantro that is only 3 days old.

Strained Yogurt – a healthy alternative

The yogurt will thicken considerably the longer it stands. In the first stage it will be like sour cream. At this point it is great in dips, on sandwiches instead of mayonaise or in salads. Think curried potato salad…

About the 5 flavors & their connection to feelings of hunger

when all are present in a meal,your brain gets the signal that everything is A-OK and it is satisfied.

“Ponder The Plate”

It strengthens my connection to all the people who help feed me and fosters gratitude for the ability of our Earth to produce such abundance.

New Game Plan for Game Night

They say laughter is the best medicine, and laughing together with friends brings the added benefit of social bonding. … Once the games are underway, move on to entree type items like soups or meat skewers. When champions begin to emerge, let them lead the charge to the dessert table…

On digestive fire

Now think of grilled chicken and baked pototes. That ought to “stick to your ribs”. It is exactly that full, heavy feeling that signals a slow digestive process that can lead to bloating or weight gain.

10 Riskiest foods

It is important to note that much contamination and spoilage can occur after the food is brought home. Careful storage and handling is crucial to preventing spoilage once food is in your home.