Here are some choices I have found to be particularly helpful and of high quality. 


“Moosewood Cooks At Home” 
by The Moosewood Collective - The renowned Moosewood restaurant in Ithaca, NY shares
Fast, simple recipes to prepare at home.

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“The Balanced Plate” 
by Renee Loux - Includes a forward by Dean Ornish, MD. The essential elements of whole foods and good health.

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“The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia” 
by Rebecca Wood - A comprehensive resource for healthy eating.

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Links: - this site is an extensive source for articles about wide range of health issues. - Kevin Doherty explains Eastern approaches to health & wellness. - Explore the body, mind, spirit connection to your own personal food choices with Lisa Turner - Incredible comprehensive cook’n recipe software. Print shopping lists from an extensive library of recipes. - Liquid vitamin supplement acclaimed by Dr. Oz. Great tasting way to prevent chronic conditions.